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So not just doing this for the badge...

The Beginning.

I joined deviantART nearly 8 years ago, in January 2007. My best friend, Nikki, had been on the site for a while and introduced it to me. It was fantastic because
  • I didn't have an internet connection at home so relied on occasional lunchtimes at school to get online.
  • dA wasn't blocked from our school server, even though most other sites (bebo, myspace, youtube etc) were.
  • Myself and Nikki were super into the 'emo' thing so I got to look up thousands of pictures relating to the subject (examples below).
Emo boys are so grumpy LAWLERZ by cerenaBite by xliveGAARA7Heavyhearted... by AquaSixio
Life Of An Emo 3. by LazyMuFFinmirah+anubis by hchanEmo wings by Watapoku
As time went on, I started visiting my aunt and uncle, who had very fast internet. I was able to upload my drawings and thought I was the dog's bollocks.

emo boy is loved XD by pink-anthonySouth Park Punk by pink-anthonyThe Bat Girl by pink-anthony
All Grown Up by pink-anthony

Yeah, the 'emo guy' one is clearly a rip-off of the similar drawing in my 'emo' montage above. Such original. Much talent. Wow.
I generally scanned my drawings, redrew the lines on some of them in MSPaint and eventually, edited them in 'Pixela Image Mixer' (because it was on my computer already). Suffice to say, I didn't know what the fuck I was doing most of the time.

Katey, Complaints, Kat.

After about two years of derping around on here, I got super into the forums, and met the wonderful Katey (iKiska).
I started college not too long after that, and got my first laptop. Due to living with my afore mentioned aunt and uncle, I suddenly had constant internet access. It allowed me to be a lot more active on here and inspired me to up the ante on my art.

I spent a lot of time on in Complaints with Katey. We were there for the fall of BleedLikeAGod, for the panty icon brigade and the beginning of Grievances. Among other events.

We became very close, and along with a ragtag bunch of weirdos, started on a mission to teach a girl, Kat (The last username I remember communicating with her on was 'tsukinohoshi').

This actually helped me improve my own art, because I couldn't be a teacher if I couldn't draw at all.

Redlines ensued...

more for tsuki by iKiskaanother redline, and mouths by iKiskaRedline 8 for tsuki by pink-anthony

Redline 17 for tsuki by pink-anthonyi forgot which angel this is by iKiska

I did a total of 25 redlines. TWENTY FIVE.

And tutorials...

Ear Tutorial by pink-anthony-------VERY BASIC Anime Face Tutorial by pink-anthony-------Simple Curls Tutorial by pink-anthony-----crash course for clothes by iKiska
eyes for tsuki by iKiskahair coloring for tsuki by iKiskaSAI semi-tut for tsuki by iKiska

Unfortunately, as is the way with the internet, drama followed eventually. There was a fight, Kat deleted. Life went on.

The Digital era.

As time went on, I started to dabble a bit more in the digital side of things.
I EVENTUALLY figured out that there were decent, free photo manip programs out there, and ended up downloading GIMP.

My drawing style itself was improving at this point, and GIMP allowed me to clean up drawings in a way I didn't think possible.

The Tiger by pink-anthonyGreen by pink-anthonyPainting The Roses Red by pink-anthonyNot Gonna Reach My Telephone by pink-anthonyGood Luck Charm by pink-anthony
Comparison by pink-anthony

Obviously, these are all from my 'bright colours ftw!!' stage.

I also got very into intricate 'words and drawings mashed together' kind of drawings. I'm still doing this. Currently drawing every song from 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' on my living room wall.
Quelle Est Cette? by pink-anthony
GAGA by pink-anthonyCellar Door by pink-anthony
Heart by pink-anthonyDream by pink-anthony

'The Way I Live Now.'

Due to real life being a thing, I don't have the time to derp on dA much anymore. I have a job now, a wonderful long-term partner (David) and two beautiful babies (Jake the cat and Eddie the terrapin).

I met Katey in person last Easter. A friendship that would never have happened without this website.

I still draw occasionally, and I think I've improved.

1: Harpy by pink-anthony2: Centaur by pink-anthonyMisbegotten, Malice And Myopic by pink-anthony
Draw Again Meme by pink-anthony

The future.

I hope to continue improving. I'm very much into digital drawing now, when I draw at all. I'll always be happy that I joined this site. It's a constant source of inspiration, and a great place to make friends and learn.

I'm grateful for everything I've done and seen on this site.

Happy 14th Birthday deviantART! 

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  • Listening to: My sister on the phone
  • Drinking: Pepsi Max


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
My name is Niamh, and I have been on deviantART for a very long time.

I draw a random array of things and I enjoy an even more random array of art styles.


Day 3: Slime by pink-anthony
Day 3: Slime
I'm redoing the 30 Day Monster Girl Challenge. that I found on tumblr.

This is Day 3, a Slime girl.

This bitch has put me through the mill. Deciding how opaque I wanted her was a mission. Think she worked out okay?

Background words are the lyrics to "Toxic Love" which is sung by Tim Curry in Ferngully. Sexy song, considering the subject matter.

Little over 2 hours, then over an hour of fucking around and editing.
Day 2: Centaur by pink-anthony
Day 2: Centaur
I'm redoing the 30 Day Monster Girl Challenge. that I found on tumblr.

This is Day 2, a Centaur.

Centaurs also have an origin in Greek mythology, born from Ixion, King of the Lapiths and a cloud nymph, Nephele.
The best known story of them from Greek mythology is that they caused war against the Lapiths by basically trying to run away with all of the Lapith women. Until Theseus, a Greek hero defeated them.

Made her into some emo/ scenester chick. Happy with her hair. Face not too bad. Can't draw horses.

Little over 3 hours.
Day 1: Harpy by pink-anthony
Day 1: Harpy
I'm redoing the 30 Day Monster Girl Challenge. that I found on tumblr and previously attempted. With slightly better drawing ability this time.

This is Day 1, a Harpy.

Harpies are bird women from Greek mythology Their original story was they stole food from Phineas (a man who could see into the future). 
Phineas pissed off Zeus by being a prophet so he blinded him and left him on an island with a buffet of food that he could never eat because the harpies kept stealing it.
They also stole food from Aeneas and the Trojans on the Strophades.
In Dante's Inferno, they haunt the trees in a wood in the seventh ring of hell, torturing those who died from suicide.

I'm happy with the feathers. First time I've ever drawn them and they turned out quite well.
I'm also improving when it comes to hair.
I still don't like my style much. But whatcha gonna do.

Can't do backgrounds nyeeeeeh.

GIMP. 4 hours or so in total.
Draw again Meme. Woop. by pink-anthony
Draw again Meme. Woop.
I decided to start this challenge again. I'll upload the proper drawings when I've got more done.

Really happy with how the after turned out, especially the feathers. Need to fix the hand, but I'm drunk right now hahaha
Woah woah what is this status thing wat

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